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Please be sure to check this page and the PCDA Mobile App regularly! This is a critical time for all of us, and we will keep you informed and up-to-date with changes and voting information right here.

Important Info

  • We have been working together with the county and are making progress.
  • We are working hard to get you a raise!
  • We are attending board of supervisor meetings, so please write to us on the contact page, or submit questions & comments through the mobile app with your concerns. We will be your voice.
  • The election will be here soon - stay tuned, as we will all need to vote for an endorsement.



***Attention PCDA Members***
Sheriff voting is now closed. PCDA will be officially endorsing:

1. Kaye Dickson (D)

2. Mark Lamb  (R)



Questions We Asked The Sheriff Candidates:

(All candidates were given a strict, 20-minute time limit)


1. Take a few minutes and tell us about yourself.

2. As Sheriff what will be the biggest challenge you face?

3. Describe the current attitude and morale of the Sheriff’s Office? What will you do if anything to improve the same?

4. We have heard from the Board of supervisor regarding their stance on the budget shortages. Keepingthisin mindand leavingboththeboard and thecounty’s budget out of your answer, what can you do to address the pressing need to improve the pay for all employees within the Sheriff’s Office?

5. The Sheriff’s Office Detention Center is currently severely understaffed. This has caused a multitude of issues within the facility. How do you plan to address this?

6. Volunteers are a precious resource to any organization. What changes if any would you propose to our current volunteer program?

99dca673957a203057538af3f4487c0dKevin Taylor (D)



*There will be no video for Kevin Taylor, as he was unable to attend the interview.

Upcoming PCDA Meetings

The 3rd Thursday of every month

Jalapeños Restaurant
981 S Main St
Florence, AZ  85132

1800 Hours (6PM)

Board of Supervisors

Pete Rios

District 1



Cheryl Chase

District 2




Anthony Smith

District 4




Todd House

District 5




County Attorney

(Info coming soon)